How to mange addiction of mobile

How to mange addiction of mobile

Do you look for your mobile before doing anything when you wake up in the morning?
Do you use you mobile at night before sleeping ?
If this has become your habit then my friend you should try to remove this habit as soon as possible.

Addiction of mobile

Addiction of mobiles is common and a serious  problem too these days. Youngsters can’t live without their mobiles and can even skip their sleep for their mobiles. This addiction is equally dangerous and harmful like the addiction of drugs. Teenagers nowadays thinks that posting the pictures of the food they are eating on social media is more important then having your food with your family and friends.

Harmful effects of mobiles

Like the addiction of drugs is very harmful to the body, similarly the addiction of mobile is really harmful too. Excessive usage of mobiles can affect your eye sight and it gets more dangerous when people use their mobiles at night without any light.  When mobiles are used at night in the absence if light, it becomes very harmful to the eyes as the screen emits rays which are very bright.

Its has also been said that if mobile is been used at night for long, then our eyes  can get really damaged and it can make us blind too. So the usage of mobiles should be limited specially at night and at low light conditions.

Sometimes this addiction of mobiles can seriously injure people that they understand that how dangerous this addiction is. Mobile blasts are also common nowadays as people often use their mobiles while it is on charge. They either talk on mobile or play games while is it charging and thats why they blasts off resulting in serious injuries to the user.

How to remove this addiction

To remove this harmful addiction, you should

1. Try to use your mobile less and don’t eliminate your mobile completely in the begining because this addiction won’t go away all together, it will take some time.

2. Try to focus on things around you instead of focusing on your mobile.

3. Try spending time with your family and friends more instead of laying on your bed and using your phone.

4. Try to keep yourself busy In doing something you like.

5. Try keeping your mind busy by doing some fun and refreshing activities that you like.

6. Try reading real books instead of reading on your phone and try to play real outdoor or indoor games instead of playing games on mobiles.

7. Try spending time with your friends more instead of string alone and using your phone. Ask your friends to help you in keeping you busy so that you don’t think about using phone when you are with them.

8. Try putting your phone away somewhere where you cannot see it for short intervals of time because if you won’t see it you won’t get distracted from your work

9. Go to a vacation trip or camping with your friends and family where there is no coverage of network. If there is no mobile network, then mobiles will be in pockets.

10. Instead of using social media all day on your phone, try meeting people face to face as this will help you to remove mobile addiction and will make your friend circle better and stronger.

Writer: Mr Kaushal Vijay Singh Chauhan