How to manage interns in your company

How to manage interns in your company

Interns are those students or learners who came in your company to learn the work professionally and want to add some quality to their portfolio and life as well. Being a manager of the company you have some responsibilities regarding the interns which one must follow to get better output such as: 

  1. As a manager be a superman or a wonder woman for your team.
  2. Assign on overreaching project.
  3. Set different goals per week and set the deadline to submit the work
  4. Meet as soon as possible it would be best to meet daily.
  5. Find their qualities and give work accordingly and appreciate.
  6. Show them their bright future or motivate them towards it.
  7. Help them to move in a right way.
  8. Don’t let them feel burdened or overstressed.
  9. Go for trips, professional and unprofessional.
  10. Pay (salary or other initiative) according to their work is must and effective.

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