How to handle job and Workplace stress?

How to handle job and Workplace stress?
Due to work load and unacceptable organisation behaviour wil be main reasons for stress. While some workplace stress interfere with your performance and productivity which impact your physical and mental health condition. Always stress isn’t bad but a little bit of stress can help you to stay focused, energetic and able to achieve new challenges in the workplace. Here are few tips to handle job and stress in workplace:

#1. Take your co-workers support
Having good relation and solid support system with peers at workplace can help you to buffer from the negative effects of job stress. Take advise and ask them to support when you needed and offer help when they needed as well. If you don’t maintain good relation with colleagues and staff then start to take steps towards them.

#2. Do exercise and maintain your health
You are neglecting your health by taking lot of work stress.When you overloaded by work and need lots of focus then do exercise, yoga and meditation. This will help for physical and mental healthy fitness. Your choice of food have a huge impact on how you active during the work day.

#3. Create a balanced schedule 
When you not able to balance your professional and personal life this will cause mental and physical stress. Try to find a balance between work and family life, social activities, unsocial tracking and daily responsibilities. Make a schedule and allot timings for works and family.

#4. Break your bad habits that included in workplace stress
You just get job stress With lots of negative thoughts and behaviour. Always think positive and  turn around these self- defeating habits. Try to think every situation in positive manner, avoid negative thinking in workplace. Always try to improve yourself if anyone shows you defeat take it as challenge to prove yourself.

#5. Track your stressful situations
Identify the situations which create the most stress and try to respond positively to them. Maintain a record of your thoughts, emotions, feelings and information about organisational environment including people and circumstances. Recall your stress fun situation once again and take help from past situation to handle present stress.

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