How to handle dishonest staff?

How to handle dishonest staff?

The Human Resource manager or HR manager is responsible for maintaining the quantity and quality of humans or employees in the company. other than the quality and quantity staff is required to be punctual and productive but if your staff is getting dishonest day by day you should focus by doing certain things:

  1. Engage them in work always that they may not get time for wasting in such other things by this way they will be busy in work.
  2. Ask them to maintain record for the work given to them properly.
  3. Regularly take working reports from them and give them grades according to the work and their performance.
  4. Motivate them time to time because sometime they are getting demotivated and become less productive in their work so motivation is the key towards success and to rebuilt the focus of someone in work again.
  5. Give them good examples so they can change their mindset and start working hard by this way they feel motivated and try to fix their mistakes and become example for others.
  6. Create a good working environment in which every employee will feel comfortable and stress free to work hard and to give good output.
  7. Check them time to time if they are not concentrating on work them give them declines to submit their work.
  8. Invest in their moral training by that way they will become more efficient for working personally and professionally and also get confident.
  9. Reduce their workload and stress and rotate their work with other employees by that they will get new challenges and they will try to complete it.
  10. Improve communication with them that they can be comfortable in telling you their problems which you can solve and they can focus on their work again.

This way you can easily tackle with your staff and you can make them honest so they can give you god result and transform their bad qualities into good one.

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