How to get Funding Faster from Investor for your Start-up?

How to get Funding Faster from Investor for your Start-up?
Money is the heartbeat of any business. According to a recent study, over 94% of startups are failed during first year of operation. Requirement of funding turns to be one of the most common reasons. When you realise the financial need and want to raise funding. here  below are some ways to raise funding faster from investors.

#1. Go with a perfect plan

If you already  made a business plan. But you didn’t made any plan to raise funding? Before you consider investor, make a list of potential investors: venture capital firms, angel investors etc. Do your work and find out which one will be most likely to invest in your particular innovative idea. if you already decided whom you gonna approach then make a plan according to that. before approach to the investors once look your plan and analyse it. this will save your lot of time and rejection from investors.

#2. Consider a mentor 
If you’ve no idea to raise a startup capital , then it is good to consider a guide or mentor for help. find a person who have influence and who is already done it before. Approach a expert who knows the cord and they will provide proper guidance.

#3. At starting stage ask for less
if you think investors will invest whole money at one time in your idea, then you’re wrong. Investors will check the whole plan and   they invest some amount before to implement a plan and after analyse the market situation they invest some amount. if you need a million dollars to implement a plan. At Starting ask required money to implement a idea and promote in market. ensure your investors that the idea is going to capture the large market.

#4. Go with Crowdfunding
crowdfunding is flattering an increasingly widespread method of raising funds. rather that finding financial institutions and getting money from VCs, take your idea straight to the public and tell them to pre-invest on your idea. if you get any rejections before finding the one group willing to raise fund on your idea, you can raise the money at time by ensuring the public.

#5. Evaluate and Assess management Capability 
A strong leadership will emerge growth company which could finally. if you adapt a new leadership this will face understandably. a professional investors who are not have any emotional attachment to entrepreneurs they are only to qualified to recognise the strengths and weakness of management team. investors analyse the team management.

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