How to get Bank Loan for your Startup idea (only India)?

How to get Bank Loan for your Startup idea (only India)?
There are many banks in India which are funding the startup or business in India. It’s mainly because today’s world is a competitive world in which every individual aspire for more and overall development of the country. But , if get hard for such Young aspirants to startup a company of their because of their low budget, less experience and many other Internal & external factors of economy.

Still, certain banks encourage such entrepreneurs with different schemes such as :


# India Aspiration Fund: Venture Fund

# SIDBI (Small Industrial Development Bank of India) This scheme is mainly assigned for small and medium scale industries. And if your industry is small or medium size then you can apply for this scheme.

# 10K startups – 10,000 startups by NASSCOM Iintiative : it has been doing a fantastic job in linking all stakeholders of Indian startup ecosystem.

# Startup village – started in kochi, kerala villages. Mostly funded by public, private & voluntary Organisation.Incubated many Startups till now.

# NSIC (National small Industries Corporation) It is an initiative under MSME ministry of micro, small & medium enterprises. NSIC has been functioning to accomplish its mission of encouraging, supporting and nurturing the growth of small industries firms and industry related micro, small and medium enterprises in the country.

There are several options available to you collateral free loan is available for startup business if they are fulfilling the below conditions.Company and should have SSI / SME registration.

Type of loan: term loan on a working capital aid will be granted. Term loan to the maximum period of 7years and maximum moratorium period of 8years.
This loan is covered under CGTMSE Scheme : credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro. & small Enterprises. Other option is personal loan. The virtuality of uses of personal loan for a business makes it more favourable for the entrepreneurs to opt for it as it is easily available.
All these elements & Schemes help an individual to opt for startups.

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