How to do Product Promotion in Facebook without any budget?

How to do Product Promotion in Facebook without any budget?
Facebook is  the best platform for promoting your product, and develop your business .There’s only one way you need to know to run a successful promotion campaign. In this article you will know the ways of product promotion:

#1. You have to Find Unique Selling Proposition
facebook is a great platform to promote your product, you have to showcase the benefits to your users and all your ads should be promise to provide a specific benefits: like if you buy this product and your career will improve by this way”. with a strong Unique Selling Proposition you will get more sales for product.

#2. Single value Proposition
the social media platform promotes the advertisements and brand tends to list all product benefits. make your product advertisement with one strong claim and one strong concept.

#3. Create a  FOMO
FOMO is very important to promote your product.  the fear of missing out (FOMO) in advertising is a tried-and-proven strategy a that many brands frequently use to their advantages.
There are many creative ways to bring some FOMO to your ads:
Create some limited time Facebook ad offers so, that people will fell bound to purchase faster as they get afraid of mission out the offer deal.
Mention some number of users who are already got advantage from your product your in advertisement and make  your ad viewers to  feel join in premium club.
Tell the people that your supply of product is limited and like only the first 100 purchasers can buy your product with some benefits.

#4.  Extend a Giveaway
Attract your new users with some free trails and giveaways periods so that they engage with your product for the first time. if they impress during free trail period then they will more likely to continue to buy your product afterwards. you can also promote a giveaway trails where users can promote your Facebook posts by sharing with their friends in order to earn money.

#5. Make product the hero of your ad
make your Facebook ad very unique and fill it with images and videos which is one of the best things to do it. you can showcase your product in ad, this will increase your brand name and this will get awareness among people a closer look before they land on your website. make your Ad a main attraction to the people.

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