How to convert enquiries into sales?

How to convert enquiries into sales?

Social media plays a vital role in getting more sales most of the organisations are promoting and marketing their business through social media and attracting customers for selling their goods and services they get online enquiries but the most important task is to convert those enquiries into sales here I am going to explain some ideas through which you can convert them easily

1. Try to get more and more enquiries.

2. Check that those enquiries are not fake.

3. Ask those people to share their contact details.

4. More often try to connect with them through Skype or on telephone.

5. First ask them what they want you to serve them.

6. Confirm that they are real customers and have real knowledge about the product or service.

7. Explain that what you can give and about your product and service.

8. Fix the payment and methods of payment.

9. Create a win-win conditions for both the parties.

10. Deliver the order on time and do after sale services and enjoy with the money.


The following steps can help you to convert your social media and other enquiries into a business lead so follow these easy steps and convert your enquiries into money.

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