How to choose a domain name?

How to choose a domain name?

A domain name is the identity of company or a website it requires a lot of concentration while choosing a domain name. There are several things that one should be aware of while choosing it. All the things must kept in mind when you are finalising a domain name such was:

  1. Relatable: There should be a proper match between your business and domain name. it must be related to your work and what you deal with. Your website’s domain name is your identity so it must be related with the product or service you basically deal with.
  2. Easy: It must be very easy to right, listen and pronounce. It should not be typical because everyone is not that much comfortable to speak it properly.
  3. Short and Sweet: Keep it short because its just a domain name. It must be in standard size that it will be easy to remember as well
  4. keywords: Use keywords in your domain name that it will look more professional and easy to recognise and search.
  5. Memorable: Be memorable to your customer or target group. Because their are millions of domain nam, so your domain name must be unique and easy to memorise sometime and uncommon name is being forgotten by people easily so make it comfortable to very one or rememberable.

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