How to check the focus of your office team?

How to check the focus of your office team?

It is very difficult task to manage people and to get work done through others but once you are professional in dealing and managing people you can get best result. sometime some people get distracted from their work so as a team member one must  check whether your team is focusing on work or not you can do the following things:

  1. Fix time to respond to work do not let anyone to be free for so much time without any reason and ask them to report eventually to maintain a proper business environment.
  2. Clarify the work given and the response of the employees. do not give any typical work to new employees and explain the work properly to everyone.
  3. Take feedback from everyone that what they feel about the work given to them and also about the company and change the environment according to their feedbacks and your choice also.
  4. Do not skip any employee and do not let anyone feel less important if someone is showing their full efforts in the organisation and praise them I front of others it will help to motivate the employees as well.
  5. Don’t let them take their work lightly give everyone deadline for overwork that they have to finish their work till this/that date.
  6. Check if they need motivation or guidance from your side and try to train them time to time.
  7. Keep an eye on them do not let them enjoy their office as a picnic spot and try to behave professional with every one most often.
  8. Use digital technologies to measure their output with the given schedule and time for it.
  9. Keep them checking without telling them because secret checking can help you to know their real faces behind the fake ones.
  10. Always stay connected with them and ask them directly about their performance and try to communicate with all of the employees and as soon as possible.

So this way we can check that the team or employees are focusing on their business or work or not and you can also motivate them for working hard and focusing on the work.

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