How does the internet works?

How does the internet works?

Everybody uses the internet or knows how to use the internet, but they do they know what is the Internet and how does it work?
Everybody thinks that the internet works through clouds but they don’t know that this is not true.

How the internet works

Everybody thinks that the internet works through the cloud but basically, the internet works through wires. These wires may be copper or optical fibres. These wires are installed underground or under the oceans.
The internet means Interconnected Networks of computers (hence Internet). The internet is useful because the two computers(servers) that are connected to the internet can communicate.


Now a server is a special computer that is connected to the internet directly and the web pages are the files that are saved on that server’s hard drive. Every server has a unique address called as internet protocol address or IP address. These IP addresses are like different postal address because these addresses cannot be the same, this means that no single server can have two IP addresses.
Now since IP address contains many numbers and since it’s difficult to remember these numbers, therefore, these IP addresses are given names such as or etc.


Now the computer you use at home is not a server because it is not directly connected to the internet. These computers are known as clients because they get connected indirectly to the internet. These clients get connected through internet service provider or ISP. An ISP is a company that sets up your home to access the Internet. What they are doing is laying cables into your home so that you get into the action. The applications you use to see the internet are called browsers.

Final step:

Now when you search for something on the internet, suppose you search, this is actually URL (uniform resource locator), this actually means the IP address of that website. Now the browser contacts the DNS (domain name service) and verifies the IP address of that URL. When the address gets verified it sends a request to the server to get connected. When the request is accepted, the browser requests to retrieve the information. The information is received in form of small packets of data and then all the packets are arranged and the website is displayed on the screen.

Writer: Mr Kaushal Vijay Singh Chauhan