How startup are Empowering Women to work from home?

How startup are Empowering Women to work from home?

 “ A women is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”    – by Diane Mariechild

A women is the main reason to get success in life. in every success story women’s are playing role in form of mother, sister, friend and wife. who scarifies their jobs only to take charge of family duties after marriage. at present, there are too many success stories of women who are not only doing family duties but also they following their passion and reaches heights. Nowadays, startups are providing opportunities for women to work as freelancers and earn money from home. in below some example how startup are empowering women to work:

#1 HerSecondInnings
In November 2014, Manjula Dharmalingam and Madhuri Kale founded HerSecondInnings for women’s. it is platform for gender-diversity in organisations which consist with national network of accomplished women professionals. Over 50 years of collective in-depth  industry experience in various fields. this organisation, over 2000 women have been accessing the job option and also coaching to develop their skills as well as better understanding their option. This organisation also developed involvement programmes and their diversity by running estimate surveys. also they conducted a women leadership programmes.

in January 2014, Saree Chahal  founded SHEROES. this organisation developed a job doorway which is fully dedicated to women job seekers. Now, the company has made a women’s Community platform, which supports and give an opportunity to fulfil their desires through communication and constructive warfare on sheroes website and SHEROES app. this has been best opportunity for women to develop their skills and support family with financially.

#3 Bookmybai
Anupam Singal and Vikash Chowdhury founded bookmybai. They promise the people who are busy with their professional work to provide them people reliable housemaids. this startup helps not only rich families but also helping women’s where they need support in managing household. they not only provide cleaning maids, this site also provides maids for babysitting, elderly care and cooking. Working women are not able to balance their house and children so, this startup found the problem and they provide them housemaids. it is satisfy both the side, where a working women is also happy and housemaids also earning some money for themselves.  bookmybai online service has a database of nearly 12,000 providing domestic help to who are ready to do work. Bookmybai company provide services in four cites: Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat and Pune . Estimated in India that they did four million domestic help. it’s a capture a huge market and  still untapped in market.

For women, getting back to their respective careers after a break is often feeded by passion. Women wants to balance their life with professional and personal. they getting An opportunity to full fill their desires.

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