How Facebook killed Orkut?

How Facebook killed Orkut?

Orkut is a social media networking site which provides various services to a user such as: 

1.Surfing: You are able to search and surf through Orkut

2.Texting: Anyone can share text via Orkut

3.Sending scraps: You can send scarps to your friends.

4.Becoming friends: Orkut allows to you become friends

5.Rating: Through Orkut you are able to rate someone according to you and their profile.

Whereas Facebook is also a social media which is a latest way of connecting with people all over the world. When it came all the Orkut users moved toward Facebook because it is giving more services than Orkut such as: –

1.Searching: It provides to the facility to search anyone.

2.Texting: You can chat worldwide through Facebook.

3.Making friends: You can connect with anyone at Facebook from any corner of the world freely.

4.Posting: You can post your opinions and about yourself whatever you like or dislike.

5.Tagging: You can tag someone daily your friends on Facebook.

6.Sharing: You can share any kind of data on Facebook vice massage or direct sharing.

7.Calling: It allows a face user to call(both audio and video) to any one.

So by this way all Orkut users shifted towards Facebook to use more and upgrades services and become the most popular social media networking site.

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