How Bike Riding Helps You Make New Connections – Renu Sharma

How Bike Riding Helps You Make New Connections – Renu Sharma

Bike riders pick up riding for different reasons, whether for passion, health benefits, freedom, and in my case, it was for every reason you can imagine. However, over a couple of my years as a rider, I knew there are much more benefits in riding bikes than many of us earlier thought.

I am Renu Sharma, a professional web designer, and a passionate biker. I have been riding for a couple of years now, and presently, I ride Harley Davidson FortyEight a 1200cc monster. That’s my baby, and I trust him to get me anywhere – of course, in the most fun way. Why I’m I introducing myself? So that you know I actually understand what I’m saying if I tell you that bike riding can be an excellent tool for you to make new connections.

Whether you are new to a particular community or just finding your way into the bike riding community, bike riding can help you easily make new friends and amazing connections you will always be grateful for.

While solo riding is not uncommon, you will often see bikers riding in groups – whether to explore new terrains or to have an adventurous time away from home and their busy schedules. The biking community is filled with excellent men and women who can make a huge difference in different areas of your life if you can connect with them. If this looks like what you would like, let’s see some ways bike riding can help you make new connections.


People naturally get attracted to bikers


Who doesn’t like to see a gallant biker when on the wheels? They are just naturally attractive, whether riding in groups at low speed cruising the road or alone at amazing speed, breaking the winds. Plus, bikers have a strong spirit that attracts people to them. They are caring, trustworthy, and full of love.

Everyone knows that forming a friendship with a biker is a thing that is guaranteed to last till the end of time. So, if you are looking to make new friends and connections in your local area, get on your bike and take a slow cruise around town. You would be surprised at what magic that can do.


Make connections in places you visit


That’s part of the riding life! Riders enjoy exploring different climates, less-traveled terrain, and unique experiences. So sign up for an organised tour, and each day, you will get to make cool connections and share experiences with other riders in the group. At the same time, you get to meet people in those destinations you visit.

Plus, tours are usually a week or longer, which means you will have the chance to develop deep friendships with quality people, whether in the group or outside.


Connect with people of like minds in motorcycle hangout spots


There are always particular places in the city where motorcyclists of all types congregate. These are called motorcyclists or bikers hangout spots. Find one or two of such places to connect with people of like minds. Regardless of the type of bike you ride, you will always find a rider with the same type of bike with you.

And one thing common with biker hangouts is that it is easy to strike up a conversation with other fellow riders. So, even if you are an introvert, it won’t be difficult to make new connections here.


Riding groups help you make new connections


There are probably several riding groups in your city and area; you only need to find them. Scheduled group rides allow riders to find new places to ride close to home easily. Even if group riding is not your thing, being part of a riding group is a great way to meet lots of riders all at once. You never can tell; one or two of the people you meet might just be your go-to riding friend when you are itching to put on some miles.

Furthermore, you can extend the friendship and connection to other aspects of life aside from bike riding. So it’s an all-around benefit for you!


Adventure bike forums are a great tool for quality connections


When you are looking to find new riding buddies, online forums can be a great tool to turn to. Popular forums all have sections different sections for different categories of bikers. For instance, if you are an adventure biker, you will find a section dedicated to adventure bike group rides where you can find other riders that might be interested in going for a ride.

Don’t stress it. Just create a post stating your riding style, and you would like to meet other riders with similar riding abilities that might be willing to go for a ride with you. You are definitely going to have people interested in hitting the road with you – be it for a breakfast ride, a night ride, or a long road trip.


Final Note


Bike riding takes out the stress of looking to connect with people around you and even outside your immediate space. Biking presents you with lots of opportunities to make this happen. So, if you have been feeling reluctant about getting yourself up to learn some riding skills, this might just be a good reason to motivate you!