How a manager should behave with his employees?

How a manager should behave with his employees?

A manager is responsible for managing people in the office. He must know that how to maintain relation and communication with everyone.a healthy environment is must to be maintained in office and the behaviour of an employee influences the result of the company. so to maintain good quality of work a manager must behave properly in the office with each and every colleague so a manager should:

  1. Be polite with every senior as well as junior, mostly with your staff and team member. never shout or misbehave with them or never let them feel bad.
  2. Not get too much personal with any employee and never interfere in their personal life.
  3. Not become an object of  distraction for the employees means do not disturb anyone again and again that they get distracted from the work and lose their concentration of work.
  4. Do not give too much privacy to the employees that they stop working or start doing some other things at working time.
  5. Give little bit space to manage their work and problems by their own or do not let them fully dependent on you for solving small issues if they will try to solve the hurdles at their own place they will learn to manage and some other things also.
  6. Take them for outings by that they will feel refreshed and work with greater efficiency.
  7. Don’t  be always very much professional sometimes be cool and easy and let them enjoy the peace and comfort and a better working area.
  8. Be a good listener that every employee will feel comfortable while sharing their problems with you and you can help them and answer them accordingly.
  9. Have very good communication skills because every employee may  not belong from the same background or everyone has a different level of communication so be easy and skilled in communication part and be in comfort zone also.
  10. Know that how to behave differently with everyone because every employee is not same and need a different kind of behaviour and should be tackled in a different manner.

These things can help you to maintain a good working environment in the office and also help you to make good personal and professional relation with everyone in the office.

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