Getting Small Entrepreneurs online

Getting Small Entrepreneurs online


Researches have declared that small business are not maximizing the benefit of their Internet presence.This may be surprising to hear, and sometimes surprising also but it should be pointed out that those taking advantage of it, are really experiencing significant gains.

Basically the problem is of less connectivity with people


Website designing is the solution to your problems as

  • You can work online and offline.
  • Stay tuned with all the choice and preferences with your world wide customers
  • Respond fast.

So why are so many still missing the boat?

Small business entrepreneurs are basically expert in selling and generating revenue from their product but they do not want to spend their weekends on computers and communication and may be sometime they are not comfortable in dealing with technology .

A recent study — called “Benefits And Barriers Of Bringing”A Small Business Online: “Perspectives From Global Small Businesses” — helped to shed some light. The study was conducted earlier this year (late May though early June) and measured the responses of 1,050 businesses with 1 to 49 employees.


Small businesses, most of which don’t have IT people on staff, think that using a social or getting a website can be expensive but “online websites are investments rather than expense “Unfortunately, those who choose such other direction may be missing out on the true value of having one’s own, well-defined space on the Web.

The value of a domain for a small business is far more significant than many realize.


  1. More significant.
  2. more connectivity .
  3. get response and feedbacks from the very customer.
  4. worldwide name, fame and goodwill.

It seems most don’t realize how many affordable and effective solutions exist in today’s market.


Author: Savi Setia

About author : I love to enhance my skill by practicing ,genuinely I am very much interested in connecting and learning new things from new people.

Pursuing B Com (HONS)