Employee Discipline Management and Its Main Objective

Employee Discipline Management and Its Main Objective
“Discipline is the force that prompts an individual or a group to observe the rules, regulations and procedures which are deemed to be necessary to the attainment of an objective; it is force or fear of force which restraints an individual or a group from doing things which are deemed to be destruction of group objectives” –  by Dr Spiegel

EDM is a very important function of Human Resource Management.Discipline may be defined as an attitude of mind which aims to achieve target and willing obedience to recognised authority.

In any organisation discipline is a useful tool for developing, improving and stabilising the personality of workers. Industrial discipline is essential for the smooth running of an organisation for increasing production and productivity, for the maintenance of industrial peace and for the prosperity the industry and the nation.

The main objectives of employee’s discipline in organisation are as follows:

  • To develop a willing acceptance to co-ordinate and co0operate with each other.
  • To maintain peace and harmony in industry
  • To facilitate communication at all levels.
  • To make the employees ready on their own to accept the rules, regulations and procedures of an organisation.
  • Motivation an employee to comply with the company’s performance standards.
  • Maintain respect and trust between the supervisor and employee.
  • It will improve performance of an employee.
  • Increase the morale and working efficiency of the employees.
  • Foster industrial peace which is the very foundation of industrial democracy.

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