Dr. Shingarika Guleria

Good day to all! By the way I'm Dr Shingarika Guleria. I'm a dentist. I graduated from Himachal dental college sunder nagar taking Bachelor of Dental Surgery Fellowship in Facial Aesthetics. I'm from Sunder nagar, Distt Mandi and practicing my dentistry since 2013. All of us wanted to bloom our career and wished to have more patients, so, just last 3 months, I discovered Cutevamp through a recommendation of a close friend. Cutevamp offers Social Media Promotion Service that made my name and clinic more known. Since then, I got a lot of patients coming to my clinic. They advertised my name, profession and clinic everywhere on social media and the results are amazing! Mr. Sumit Ojha did a very good job in giving me spectacular results. I really love to recommend Mr. Sumit Ojha and Cutevamp to anyone who wants to publish and promote their own business.

- Dr. Shingarika Guleria