What is the difference between “PERT” and “CPM”?

What is the difference between “PERT” and “CPM”?

Program (Project) Management and Review Technique (PERT) is one of the best approach to manage the projects where time needed to complete different activities are not known

On the other hand, Critical Path Method or CPM, is apt for the projects which are recurring in nature.

Here the difference among both of them is described the following table: 

Meaning PERT is a project management technique, used to manage uncertain activities of a project. CPM is a statistical technique of project management that manages well-defined activities of a project.
What is it? A technique of planning and control of time. A method to control cost and time.
Focuses on Time Time-cost trade-off
Management of Unpredictable Activities Predictable activities
Nature of jobs Non-repetitive nature Repetitive nature
Critical and Non-critical activities No differentiation Differentiated


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