Difference between HRM and PM

Difference between HRM and PM

In past, When Human Resource Management (HRM) was not frequent, Then Employee’s staffing and payroll were stood by the Personnel Management (PM). It is also known as Traditional Personnel Management. HRM has emerged as enlarge over the Traditional Personnel Management.

Personnel Management :  It is a main part of management which deals with the placement, hiring, recruitment, staff development and compensation of the workforce and their relation with the organization in to achieve the organizational objectives. Operative and Managerial  are the main functions of the personnel management. For last two decades, Development in technology as taken place and the humans are replaced by machines. Likely, This branch of management has taken place by HRM.

Human Resource Management: It is a broad concept which follows specialised and organised branch of management which concerned with the acquisition, development, utilisation of resources, maintenance and coordination of people at workplace, in such a manner that they will give efficient output for the organization. Management is continuous process of ensuring the availability of desirable and willing workforce i.e., Putting the right person at the right job.


  Key points of  comparison     Personal Management    Human Resource Management
  Definition  It is concerned with the work force  and their relationship with the entity is  known as PM  The branch of management that focuses on the most effective use  of the manpower of an entity, in order  achieve the organizationa  goals is kown as HRM
  Type of  approach  Traditional  Modern
  manpower  Treatment  Machines and tools  Asset
   Function  Rountine   Strategic 
  Basis of Pay  Job evaluation  Performance based
 role of  management  Transactional  Transformational
 Type of communication  Indirect  Direct
 Job Design  Division of labour  Groups/teams


HRM has come up as an extension over personnel Management which eradicated the shortcomings of the personnel Management.

Nowadays, it is actually very challenging to retain and maintain good employeses for a long time as they are fully aware of their rights and any organization cannot treat them like machines. So, HRM has been Evolved ti unite the organization with their employees for the attainment of a common goal.

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