Difference between Entrepreneur and Intraprenuer?

Difference between Entrepreneur and Intraprenuer?

Entrepreneurs are those who have creative idea and they convert it into a business and try to make  money and profit in their business and an intraprenuer is an employee working under or for someone. And use their creative mind with available resources and make money. Entrepreneur and intraprenuer are just same kind of people with save kind of motive, both of them towards same goal by same method and both are businessman but there is also a little difference between both of them discussed below:

Basis Entrepreneur                                      Intrapreneur
Meaning One who have a creative idea and start their own setup with their creative idea as a business. Have creative idea but work within a company or under someone and earn with the available resources.
capital Own capital or fully responsible for arranging it from family and friends or other source. They gets resources from employer company or the business they are working for
Risk More risk Very less risk
Ownership Has ownership to business Only manage the business, no ownership
Return Get profit or sometimes loss from the business Fixed salary or sometimes bonus from the company.
example Dehire bhai Ambani Ramzi haidamus

These steps will help you to the basic differentiate between these two kinds of business mans and you can choose what you want to be.


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