K. Devika

Intern from CuteVamp as Sr. Manager

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  • We the undersigned do hereby proudly present this Certificate of Internship for outstanding honourable effort of K. Devika For his successfully completing of Sr. Manager Internship at CuteVamp from 15 May 2018 to 28 June 2018 (45 Days)

K. Devika with Renu Sharma (Founder) 

Work Responsibilities during internship of Miss K. Devika, RNB Global University.

  1. Taking interviews of freelancers on Skype video calls.
  2. Content Writing for firm Blog
  3. Making videos for firm youtube channel
  4. Stock Management
List of Blog posts written by Miss K. Devika:
  1. Top 10 reasons: why do startup fails?
  2. Top 10 mistakes : web designer do in website
  3. 10 plus points for small business to have website
  4. Five Common mistakes :SEO experts do in works
  5. Top 5 mistakes : web designer do in making landing- pages
  6. Top 5 Books Suggested for Start-ups
  7. How to Revamp your website for more sales
  8. How to sale  product in online?
  9. Wrong colour combination website will eat your sales
  10. Top 7 ways: To get hired faster in Companies
  11. Why internship is important for student career?
  12. What is startup?
  13. How startup are Empowering Women to work from home?
  14. How to do Product Promotion in Facebook without any budget?
  15. How to get funding faster From investor for your start-up?
  16. Top 5 points Investor Notice before making Investment in any Business.
  17. How LinkedIn help for company?
  18. why new startups are better than MNC’s for Internship?
  19. How to get Bank Loan for your Startup idea (only India)?
  20. 5 Mistakes people do when Writing Content for Business Blog
  21. How facebook kill Orkut?
  22. Why Re - Marketing is more important for your business?
  23. Why Local SEO is so important for startups?
  24. Top three reason behind not getting approve from Google Ad Sense.
  25. How to make money with Fiverr? 
  26. What is B2B and B2C in E-Commerce Busnesss?
  27. Threats In E-Commerce
  28. Difference between HRM and PM
  29. What is Online Reputation Management?
  30. How you can grow in Fashion Design Business with help of Instagram?
  31. Seed funding vs Angel investors
  32. Client vs Customers
  33. How to register your startup with startup India?
  34. Placement vs Induction
  35. Separation of an Employee from Organization
  36. Performance Appraisal
  37. Applications used for E- Commerce
  38. The dimensions of entrepreneurship
  39. What is Forecasting?
  40. Promotions and Demotions of an Employee’s
  41. Strategic management and strategic planning
  42. Why HR manger Can’t change Company Culture by itself?
  43. International Trade
  44. Modern advertisement world
  45. How to mange payables Efficiently?
  46. Emotional Quotient
  47. How to manage a Diverse Workforce?
  48. what is Digital Signature?
  49. Characteristics of E-Commerce Technologies
  50. Methods of Training
  51. Employee Discipline
  52. Modern approaches to organisational behaviour
  53. How to promote Fiverr Gig in social Media ?
  54. Payment Gateway - Security
  55. Advantage and disadvantage of online Banking
  56. Entrepreneurial Development Program
  57. What is Financial Management?
  58. Relationship of Financial Management with other Areas
  59. what are the functions of Financial management? 
  60. Profitability and Liquidity 
  61. Top 10 social media platform to promote your business
  62. How to handle job and Workplace stress?
  63. How to prevent Online Fraud and Identity Theft?
  64. What do you mean by PPC Marketing?
  65. How PPC Marketing works for everyone?
  66. Comparison between Henry Fayol and FW Taylor management Principles
  67. Why should Business be Socially Responsible
  68. What is Process Costing?
  69. what is equity shares and its features?
  70. What do you mean by Lease Financing?
  71. Top 7 Tips To choose a domain name for your website
  72. Top 5 ways to increase website traffic via social media
  73. Top 10 ways to promote your website for free
  74. Top 5 ways to make money from Facebook
  75. What are the methods of online fraud and identity theft? 

On birthday Party of Miss Devika. 
Photo: K Devika (Sr. Manager), Savi Setia (Manager), Renu Sharma (Founder)

Photo: Savi Setia, Renu Sharma (Founder), Davika

Savi Setia, Sumit Ojha, Renu Sharma, and Devika K.