Describe the creative process of Entrepreneurship?

Describe the creative process of Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship refers to the process of converting your idea into a beneficial business. whenever a problem is occurred a business idea is created to solve that problem and then the business is being run. It requires a proper and a creative process to complete the whole procedure and its creative process is as follows:-

  1.  Opportunity or problem: It is when a person recognise or discover that a new opportunity exists or a problem needs resolution, only than after a creative idea is generated to resolve the problem as a business idea.
  2. Immersion: When the individual concentrates on the problem and becomes immersed in it. He or she will recall and collect information that seems relevant, dreaming up alternatives without refining or evaluating them.
  3. Incubation: The person keeps the assembled information in mind for a while. He or she does not appear to be working on the problem actively, however, the subconscious mind is still engages. While the information is, bring it is being arranged into meaning new patterns.
  4. insight: The problem conquering solution flashes into the person’s mind at an unexpected time, scuba on the verge of sleep, during a shower, or while running. Insight is also called the aha! Or eureka! Experience.
  5. Verification and application: The individual sets out to prove that the creative solution has merit. Verification procedures include gathering supportive evidence, using logical persuasion, and experimenting with new idea.

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