A manager is a person who is engaged in the activities of managing people and learn on day-to-day basis other than that there are numbers of items which a manager learns while managing others by which he develops his own skills some of them are follows:

  1. How to manage people?: While dealing with people a manager learns that how to manage people.
  2. How to lead a team?: A good manager is always a leader who takes the staff members as a team and work with them and lead them to achieve their target.
  3. How to get work done from others?: A manager is one who is responsible for getting work done from others and by that way he learn to deal with people.
  4. How to handle responsibilities and how to distribute them?
  5. How to remove hurdles from your work? A manager learn to handle a lot of thing while dealing with people in the office and to remove all the issues and hurdles of others in their work.
  6. How to motivate members ?: A manager deal with the motivation thing of the employees several times he have to motivate and train his employee to working hard and putting fuller efforts in the business.
  7. How to survive in tough situations?: In every business there are ups and downs so a manger learn to survive in every difficult and tough situation and continue his work always.
  8. How to convince others?: It is the work and duty of manager to let his employee happy they learn to convince others for working properly.
  9. How to guide someone in a right way?: Sometime a manager have to behave like a guide. he have to explain a lot of things to others and to get work done from them.
  10. How to get better results? A manager get to learn the ways through he will get best output and the ways to perform every task to get better results.

These thing are those which a manager learn while managing others or simply we can say these are the positives of a manager so being a good manager can build to professional as well as personal life, so you are not wrong if you want to be a manager in future.

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