Basis problems of new venture

Basis problems of new venture

Whenever we start anew venture small or large there is lot many thongs which we have to manage and maintain. there are some issues which generally each and every new venture have to face at a starting age but it doesn’t mean that you should quit meanwhile you have to remove them and you should to try to work hard on them by that you can easily come up with the solutions and run your business or organisation properly so some of the general issues which every new venture have to face are discussed below:

  • Financial problem: Long term capital, Working capital, Long term fund, Recovery, Taxation, Inadequate Finance. so finance can be an issue but you have lot many sources to manage finance on a personal as well as professional basis.
  • Administrative problem: Lack of proper planning, poor project implantation, poor management, labour problems, inadequate capacity utilisation, low-level of technical skill, lack of strategies, problem of inadequate, infrastructure. So you need not to worry just make proper plans and schedule for the work and things you are going o do in future by this way every work will become easy for you and you can easily tackle with your administrative issues.
  • Marketing problem: Lack of knowledge about the market, competition from large industries, branding problems, poor after sales services, distribution problem, inadequate advertisement and sales promotion, Poor bargaining problem, Unfamiliar with export procedure. it can be the problem for some people but it is the easiest thing to deal with you can take help from councillors and other business mans to deal with it easily.
  • Production problem: Technology revolution, Indian technology scenario, Shortage of raw material, Under-utilised capacity, Poor quality control, Inadequate utility service, Low scale of production. but you can manage it by making a proper criteria for it and can manage it properly and easily.
  • Technology up gradation problem: Standards and testing, environment protection . at staring age do not purchase very expensive equipments but as gradually you grow try to change or modify all your working equipments and maintain them properly.

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