Barriers in startups

Barriers in startups

Every startup should be aware that there must be some issues and hurdles which may stop them to reach to their goals. The most important 15 barriers are listed below which are needed to be removed by the management team while starting a new startup:  

  1. Start-up Capital: While starting a new startup every business man must ensure the all possibilities and sources of getting capital for starting the business.
  2. Creditability and trust: While starting a new venture every entrepreneur must have some creditability and must have some trust among the society and people outside the business.
  3. Continuous changes in market: He must be clearly known with the fact that the market can change anytime or the conditions of market may influence the growth and development of the business .
  4. Knowledge of technical things: Every new business man must be aware of all the technical things which he have to go through or deal with while handling the business.
  5. Knowledge about the market: The market is the most important element to influence the growth and development of the business and also to generate profit so it is must to know about the market and have proper knowledge about all the related things.
  6. Customers preferences: You must know about the choices and preferences of your customer that what they life and what are the things which attract a customer the most.
  7. Competitor’s good and bad: Positions and level of the business is calculated with competition you must know that what are the things which are good and which are bad in your competitors and try to work more on their bad things as your good qualities so it will become more easier to win and achieve your goal.
  8. Distribution channel: Be prepared with the distribution or the way of supplying your goods and services to work smoothly.
  9. Legal issues: Complete all the legal formalities to work as a safe and secure organisation.
  10. Patents: be ready with and preparing with the patent issues.
  11. Lack of vision: It can be a curse to your business so you must have a clear vision about your business and business goals and targets.
  12. Lack of mission: Must know your idea and destination for a particular period of time.
  13. More than one criteria for achieving goals: You must have set plans for business if plan A doesn’t work than go for plan B and achieve your goals.
  14. Improper time management: Time management is the most important thing to deal with so you must be prepared with your proper time and schedule for working and managing things.
  15. Less availability of resources: Resources must be fully managed and collected while starting a new venture all the human and physical resources will influence the profit of the business.

This way you can manage all the necessary things required for your business and can grow and develop your business easily.

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