Bad effect of social media on work place

Social media is a way of connecting with people from all over the world you can contact and connect people beyond the geographical boundaries. Social media is very helpful in searching and surfing and for adding in groups. It is also helpful in calling both (audio and video) with all your friends, but every coin has two sides also social media has its negative impact on the work places such as: – 

  1. Decreases productivity
  2. Divert mind
  3. Wastage of time
  4. Wastage of data
  5. extra usage of electricity
  6. More capacity usage with less or zero productivity
  7. Bad impact on body, mainly eyesight
  8. Laziness can come
  9. Bad impact on employee relation
  10. Bad image can be created
  11. Decreases confidence
  12. Reduce  your concentration power
  13. Risk of loosing privacy
  14. It will make you an attention seeker
  15. Disconnects you from the people around you

These are some of the bad or we can say negative impact on the working area or on the employees by excessive use of social media so it can directly impact on your professional life as well as personal life. Social media is meant to use but unlimited usage of any thing is always harmful for us so if you like to surf or use social media fix a schedule and manage your time and invest your precious time in your future otherwise you have to pay for it.

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