Sumit Ojha

CEO of Glow India, Co-Founder of CuteVamp, Web Designer & Promoter, and Trainer

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A Part to Web Design I like Bike-Riding.

I'm Two Time awarded by Dunes Harley Davidson Jaipur (Rajasthan) and one time awarded by Himalayan Harley Davidson Chandigarh. I'm also featured many times in TV channel and Newspapers for my passion about bike riding. 

I complete my rides in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pardesh, Delhi, Gujrat, and many more states.


Best thing about motorbiking is that you get to experience something that you will never get to anywhere else. It will always be exciting and fun – until the end.

Biking may seem challenging at first, but once you understand several simple rules of the road, you will feel safe and confident. Last in September 2015 , I find myself so stressful and decided to bought a Harley Davidson on my wife's birthday and later on, I realised that this is a great way to relieve my stress. On my bike, I find inner peace like every passionate biker out there. I love the sounds, the feeling, just everything about biking. I ride because it is the ultimate therapy for the human condition.

Taking delivery of Harley Davidson on 5th Sep 2015

For most bikers, biking may be the only affordable form of individual motorised transportation for others but for me, it is my passion. I ride as a lifestyle accessory and mostly for recreation, as a way to relieve stress from overload and to clear my mind. Since returning to biking, it truly improved my mental health that leads to improved my physical health, I'm now calmer, more confident, friendly and genuinely happier and honestly, it gives me the right attitude.

Actually, I used to bike with my wife, Renu and some of our friends. On a bike you feel like a complete human being, with this knowledge you'll find your interactions with your wife, kids, family, job, friends and so on, will improve. There are many reasons how biking improves relationships: first, strangers are not strangers anymore on motorbiking, bikers respect bikers and we’re all friends. Second, they said “Ride together, stay together”, it strengthens my bond with my wife and my friends. Lastly, for romantic rides in the sunrises and sunsets with my lovely wife and how my daughter, Alisha look up to his dad as a role model in simply following road rules, being friendly and respectful with other bikers.

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