5 schemes for women startup in India

5 schemes for women startup in India

Women empowerment is the most important measure nowadays empowering women plays the most important role in the development of country. It is must to empower or to provide work by giving freedom and proper resources to women by this they can build their own life in a new manner can contribute to the economy also. Government is helping by some schemes which are especially made for women and their empowerment. These schemes mainly provide funding to new startups of women some of them are mentioned below: 

1.Annupama scheme: This scheme is provided by state bank for those women who are setting up food catering industries. They can take loans from the bank for startup as for purchasing products or equipments and  for securities also.

2.Shree shakti package for women entrepreneurs: This scheme has been provided by the SBI branches to women who have their 50% share in the firm or business for giving them help and support. They also provide discounted rate of interests in case of loans more than 2 lakhs.

3.Bhartiya mahila bank business loan: This loan is provided to those women’s who wants to do retail sector and for manufacturing businesses also.

4.Dena shakti scheme: This scheme is provided by dena bank to those women entrepreneurs who want to work in agricultural sector,manufacturing sectors or as a small enterprises.

5.Udhyogi scheme: This scheme is being provided by Punjab and sind bank to empower those women who want to work in agricultural sector and in small enterprises also by proving them loan at a flexible rate.

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