How to reduce mobile addiction?

How to reduce mobile addiction?

Nowadays  mobile is that tool which is used by teenagers as an addiction. Although it as a positive side but most of the population is addicted to it and it is causing bad impact on them physically as well as mentally so it is must to reduce the usage of mobile here are some points mentioned below by which anybody can take help and reduce the timings of using mobile: 

1. Set schedule:  if you want to reduce the timing of mobile usage you must fix your proper schedule for every work. If you will have a proper schedule and if you follow then properly than you will get engaged in other things and it can help you to get separated from your mobile for some time

2.Limit the usage of mobile data:  due to the unlimited technology most of teenagers are wasting internet other than utilising it in a right manner so everyone must fix or limit their data usage per day which will not allow you to access more than the fixed limit in that way you will limit yourself to use it.

3.Do other activities : there is a very beautiful world outside the mobile phone so always try to stay connected with the word personally not through social media and you can go for other activities also of your choice. Simply engage yourself things other than mobile or technological equipments.

4.Delete unnecessary apps: nowadays there are a lot many apps which can attract you and can soil you physical as well as mental heath so you must be aware of those applications in your phone and only have the necessary applications.

5.Turnoff phone before going o bed:- set a criteria or change your mindset of using mobile till late night and just after walking up one should not use mobile too much in low light or at night time it can harm your eyes and other body part also

So it is highly suggested that stay connected with the world outside the mobile phone there are so many opportunities waiting for you.


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