10 ways to make your team more productive

10 ways to make your team more productive
  • Be yourself: One must always be authentic, there is no need to act fake. Being yourself will make your employees trust and faith in you easily.
  • Create transparency in culture: There must be a transparent culture in your team to make the output more productive. It directly means that all members must be clear with all the business ideas clearly.
  • Ask for feedback and opinions: A team can be managed properly by getting feedbacks from all the members and proper steps must be taken to improve the negatives of the team and their processing.
  • Appreciate good work: A perfect team leader always appreciates the good work done by his team members to motivate him and others for more productive response.
  • Create stress free and Burdon free environment: There must be a Burdon free environment for the team members to work freely and by this they can perform better without any worries.
  • Take every individual together: In a team every individual must be treated equal.
  • Give opportunity to every member: – Every team member must be given equal chance to perform tasks to prove their talent and hard work while focusing on increasing the productivity.
  • Give them freedom and autonomy: In a team all the members must be free of doing some of the tasks and they must have some rights so they can perform well.
  • Take suggestions and appreciate: Every member must be allowed to give suggestions and opinions for making them feel connected.
  • Maintain proper communication and measure the result: In a team proper communication must be there to make the team members feel like connected and relatable with the team.


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