A manager is one who manages everyone in the team and get work done from others. A manager is also responsible for maintain the quality and quantity of Human Resource in the company, other than that he have to deal with a lot of things so to become a better manager some key points are listed below which are need to be focused: 

1.SELECT BEST PEOPLE: As because everyone will have their impact on the output so it is must to choose good people for your team in terms of skills, knowledge and abilities.

2.BE A MOTIVATOR: A perfect manager is one who not only manage his team but also motivate them to do better and appreciate their work and sometimes he must also provide some incentives or gifts to the employees to motivate them.

3.BUILD YOUR TEAM: Having a good team matters only when if you build your team properly. It is the responsibility of a manager to build your team or to make them work together and should always treat them all equally.

4.TAKE A BREAK: If you are a manager and you are too stressed and have so much of work load so you should take a break, give your mind a chance to rest for some time and start working again, this will affect positively on your productivity and you will become more strong to lead.

5.COMMUNICATE AND IMPROVE: A manager is one who is the common man between all the team so he must communicate properly will all the team members and should take suggestions from them also but communicating is not enough improvement is the last step to bring better result and by this employee will feel more connected.

So through the following given details you can easily make changes in yourself and can be a good manager and can easily manage your team.

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