“10 Important Principles of Placement”

“10 Important Principles of Placement”

“ Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for it” – by Katharine Whitehorn

Placement is the act of placing, positioning or locating a person with a job. Placement is the establishment of the job to which a selected candidate is to be placed and his assignment to that job.

There is some job placement agency that exists in some places where their main motive is to provide both the company and the job seeker with the best fit possible based on personality, qualification, experience, skills, and requirements.

A few important principles should be followed at the time of placement of an employee on the job. These may be list as below:

# 1. The right employee should be placed on the job according to the job requirements. The job should match the candidate knowledge and skills as per job requirements not to be adjusted according to the qualifications or requirements. Select the right worker as per job requirements is the first principle of placement.

# 2. The placement should be conducted and the job offered to the right candidate as per his/her knowledge and qualifications. It should be neither higher nor lower position than the qualifications. Overqualified and under-qualified candidates might create problems for the Organisation’s growth in the long run.

# 3. Job placement profile charts can be used to match the worker’s physical and mental abilities with the job requirements. This job profile chart will display an evaluation of both job requirements and employee abilities for key features of the job so that management can get complete idea about how well worker fits a job.

# 4.  Employing a placement or work experienced candidates can be viewed as part of the interview process for future company employees.

# 5. While introducing the job to the new employees, An effort from the manager side should be made to develop a sight of loyalty and cooperation in individuals. So those new employees may aware of their responsibility better towards the position and the organization.

#6. The placement should be getting ready before the joining date of the newly selected candidates as employees of the organization.

#7.  The proper and right process of placement helps to improve the employees’ ethics and morale. The effective placement also reduces employee turnover, accident rate, and absenteeism and improves morale. Also, the Capacity of employees should be utilized fully.

# 8.  The employee should be familiar with the working conditions followed by the organization and all things relating to the particular job. An employee should also know all the norms of a company.

# 9.  Placement refers to the allotments of people to a particular job. It includes initial assignments of new employees and promotions, transfer and demotion of existing employees.

# 10. The process of placement involves matching the qualifications presented by an employee to a position that requires those qualifications. At the time of placing the management should provide a complete Job description so that the candidate must aware of the job .

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